BRICOLAGE workshop endeavors to engage in diverse
project types
: we strive to specilize in everything and nothing. We attempt to explore,
design, and create architecture at various scales from urban and community planning to
graphic design emphasizing, above all else, consistency.  We attempt to explore the nature
of architecture as a critical inquiry of spatial relationships, of the relationship of elements to
one another, as a bricolage.

  A bricolage is a working thing that has been constructed from elements
or pieces that already exist. In its broadest sense, architecture is a spatial arrangement of
various elements and their relationships defined by transitional space. What seems to matter
most often are the elements that we can see and define.  Everything else is simply transitional
space.  However, the space between elements, what is generally taken for granted, is really
what defines these elements and makes them recognizable.

  Our mission is to engage in design experiments from a theoretical
perspective with specific regard to constructability, materials, connections, gravity, budget,
time constraints, etc. and to critically assess the relationship of elements to one another using
tools and materials at hand - to create bricolage.