Stephen Denton, founder and president, LEED AP

Steve has been the principal of his own firm for over 9 years. He has compiled over twenty
years of professional experience with various firms in South Carolina, Illinois, and Georgia.
Project type experience has ranged from small residential renovations to new construction of
single-family and multi-family housing, mixed-use, elementary through high school buildings,
office buildings, tenant build-outs, and other institutional and commercial structures. He has
been a registered architect since 1993. He has also been engaged for many years with teaching
architectural design, either as an adjunct professor or as a guest critic. This experience has
allowed him a better understanding of the design
process and the making of an architect to
hopefully improve his own abilities to efficiently and effectively design and communicate ideas
and thoughts about global as well as specific issues.

Graduate work




Frank has been working with BRICOLAGE Workshop on and off for nearly three years. In addition
to his training as an architect, Frank is an accomplished artist with a unique style using mostly
architectural content from his many travels locally and abroad.

Alicia Denton
Alicia is a trained interior designer and architect which makes her a valuable asset . She helps
out on many projects with interior design
issues such as lighting selection or color finishes. She
is also a great sounding board and critic over the breakfast table or whenever.


DeMar Jones
DeMar is currently a student at Southern Polytechnic State University outside of Atlanta. He is
in his fifth year thesis project. Like all interns that work with BRICOLAGE Workshop,
he is hopefully learning something about the practice of architecture that is difficult if not
impossible to teach in an academic setting.

  Jeremy Griffin