BRICOLAGE Workshop strives to
approach each project from several
different vantage points.

These points of view are critically assessed into the culmination of the final product. It is an approach
that best utilizes the expertise and specific contribution of each team member in the process of project
development. We always try to compile a design team of highly experienced small business owners.
It is our belief that this arrangement ensures the utmost quality through a level of consistent experience
and expertise from project beginning to end, a profound sense of ownership and dedication, and a
personal attention to every detail.


BRICOLAGE Workshop is committed
to collaboration.

When the entire design team has input in the programming and schematic design, the constructed
project has a much greater advantage of meeting and exceeding the initial project goals. Many projects
are shielded from the client by the design team to avoid input. Others are micromanaged by the client
so that every design decision made is scrutinized. A balanced approach that allows the client and the
design team a sense of ownership in the outcome of a project enhances and stimulates the process and
leads to greater quality control and assurance.