New York 2007    
Project: Tower Museum (Immigrant Cultural Center)
Location: Battery Park, New York

Building Area: 2,000 m2

This submission for the Tower Museum is based on a theoretical premise of millennial architecture. The theory is derived from six literary and architectural strategies - paradox, time, defamiliarization, simulacrum, recontexturalization, and consistency.
The project solution is most visible as a layering of planks that suspend program events in the air. The one-meter high by ten-meter long planks are stacked 100 high and act as a datum, a timeline where the building uses, the program events, are “historical moments.” Although seemingly random, the planks and programmed events were determined from the spatial constraints of the competition - a simple grid 100M high by 100M wide by 10M deep. The planks are constructed of box trusses that are skinned in white glass, consistent with the fragile nature of multiculturalism and tolerance. The program events are 10m high enclosures of clear glass modulated by a 1m grid and seem to hover in space without support.