Pro Way Hair School    
Project: Cosmetology and barber school and clinic
Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Building Area: 8,200 sf

Completion: October 2005

Construction cost: $1,200,000

At first, cosmetology services seem superficial: manicured and/or decorative finger nails, expensively groomed or colored hair, etc. However, these aesthetic improvements provide an individual with added self-esteem, self-confidence, and happiness. Therefore, these seemingly surface bodily improvements add a depth of character to an individual that is not immediately apparent. Thus, the architecture for Pro Way Hair School attempts to create a superficial condition that actually has depth and detail. The site posed many challenges; its narrow and very deep configuration, deep setbacks, and a required landscape buffer. A large sweeping curve articulates the simple parti to draw the visitor from the street into the entry that is situated deep into the site.